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Opti-illusion uses projected images and state-of-the-art motion capture technology. It responds to the smallest amount of movement to turn any space into a virtual magical play area, providing an exciting experience of fun and movement. It creates a completely immersive environment, and uniquely inspiring activities to engage users of all ages.

Users can play competitive football, or just roll a virtual ball, stand on a sunny sky and run around as butterflies follow their every action. Even lying on the floor, the smallest movement will cause a change in the display – creating a ripple effect. Sound is incorporated to create a multi-sensory experience. To children, this is a colourful, magical fun environment that they can change with every touch.

Templates: ♦Action  ♦Scatter  ♦Butterflies  ♦Catch ♦ Fireworks  ♦Trail  ♦Football  ♦Footprints  ♦Image ♦Scatter ♦Sound Board  ♦Splat  ♦Tiles  ♦Water  ♦Wipe  ♦Simple Quiz  ♦Flexi Quiz  ♦Mosaic  ♦Magic  ♦Sparks  ♦Notes  ♦Waterfall  ♦Shower  ♦Fire

Apps & Games: Fireworks,  Alphabet,  Bubbles,  Football,  Butterflies,  Drums,  Flowers,  Pond,  Bugs, Boats, Tiles,  Piano,  Catch Monsters,  Bath, L,  Pong  Coins,  Clovers,  Dinosaurs,  Balls,  Hockey,  Christmas,  Leave,s  Tractors,  Blue Tiles,  Jungle,  Medieval,  Magic Lamp,  Shower,  Fruit,  Snowfall,  Dogs Colouring,  Yellow Tiles,  Creepy Crawlies, Mud,  Synth,  Notes,  Jewels,  Red Tiles,  Insects,  Euros, Organ,  Eggs,  Balloons, Numbers, Crazy Crabs, Animals,  Sparks,  Africa,  Planets,  Landmarks,  Birds,  Xylophone,  Snow,  Monsters Colouring,  Coin Trail,  Planes Tiles,  Farm Animals, Balloon Pop,  Mosaic,  Cars,  Football,  Waterfall,  Quiz  Wildlife, Fire, World Colouring,  Fish Wipe,  Cats Colouring,  Animals Colouring,  Fish,  Rome Quiz,  Spanish Vocab, Joining Words,  French Vocab,  Farm, Snakes,  Snowflakes.


The system is supplied as a complete package with no hidden charges

We ensure that you make the most of your system from day one by:

Fully installing your complete system.

Providing over 80 ready-made free activities

Carrying out full training

Providing ongoing technical support for complete peace of mind

The system is covered by our 12 months’ warranty.