Our designers contemporary take on the “Big Piano” from the 80th Movie BIG.

Users can play melodies and tunes  by stepping on the keys.  When a key is stepped on it will light up and play its note. Instructions displayed on the walls to guide the user on how to play various tunes.

The Piano is custom build and can be produced in various sizes, also the complement of systems like solid state amp are great to have in your equipment.

Getting yourself a new piano is an exciting decision and, as a fellow musician, I’m happy for you! But before you can embark on your musical journey, you have to choose the right piano, which can be a real headache. There is a wide array of pianos, but which one should you buy? This article discusses the factors to consider and the things to look out for when you are buying a new piano.

The first step is to decide between a digital and an acoustic piano. If you want to learn more about the differences between the two pianos, check out our article on Acoustic vs Digital piano. If you have chosen the type of piano (acoustic or digital piano) to buy, continue to the Acoustic Piano section or skip to the Digital Piano section.