All OptiMusic systems create a magical combination of musical activities, images, interactive games and lots of fun. Our experts in software and hardware design allow us great flexibility when implementing new ideas, or making customized applications.

All our systems are developed and manufactured in the UK and are installed worldwide by the clients, by local technical teams, or with help supplied by our expanding distributors’ network.

The OptiMusic team is creatively headed by the original inventor of the OptiBeam system, Guy Sigalov.


To continuously pioneer the fusion of science and art, working tirelessly to maintain our position at the very forefront of technology, pushing boundaries and setting new trends in the various market sectors we work with.

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We are committed to uphold our integrity and most cherished values in every project we take on.

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Comments from special needs clients in the UK.

St John's College, Brighton & Seaford

'OptiMusic's OptiBeam is excellent for immediate engagement in a huge range of activities that can cover pretty much any area of the curriculum.

For first-time musicians it can be used as an errorless method to explore an instrument or for those struggling to engage in maths, it can be subtly woven into numeracy-based activities.

The beam system is easy to use which enables all the staff, regardless of their IT capabilities, to support learners to use OptiBeam. One of the greatest features is that it can be completely customised to suit the needs of a wide variety of learner profiles. The St. John's learners have pioneered the 'OptiSelfie', an interactive, multi-sensory version of the traditional Selfie. Our learners have loved using the Optimusic system and are also realising the health benefits as 'Chase the Beam' has become enormously popular.'

Chris Buckley, Head of Education

Kennel Lane School

'At Kennel Lane we use our OptiMusic in all our themes created within our Curriculum Sensory Space.

These have included themed sessions such as the circus where students had the opportunity to sit or lay in a sensory swing and move around with batons or stick on pads to break the beams making various circus themed noises whilst pretending to be Acrobats.

On the Farm - students had great fun taking turns to guess what animal would appear on the screen and what noise they could hear when breaking the beams.

In our Native Americans theme the students had the opportunity to make up tunes using the drum programme and each took turns breaking a beam matching colour symbols to colour beam to create a drum beat for a pretend Pow Wow.

The OptiMusic has become a valuable piece of equipment in our Curriculum Sensory Space and has given our students the opportunities to develop both fine and gross motor skills, concentration skills, social skills and most importantly independence by being able to explore and create to their own level of abilities.'

Clare Coombs (HTLA), Support Staff

Day Opportunities & Employment Adult Social Care, Walsall

'The OptiBeam system has proven to be a valuable resource for customers using our service at Goscote Centre. It provides multiple benefits where our customers can explore the sensory environment via the use of interactive beams.

Uploading photographs personal to the individual using the system creates a unique experience which can be comforting, whilst enhancing learning and play. The sessions are tailored and personalised to meet individual need which is an objective we aim to achieve throughout our day to day service delivery.

We use our system in many ways e.g. to develop interactive skills within small groups to encourage the users to take turns to activate the beams. For customers who benefit from visual stimulation seeing images that change as a result of their actions develops their understanding of cause and effect.

One customer said “I love transport and listening to the sounds, I like to hear the trains blowing the whistle”

Another customer said “I like the puzzles; I do them with my friend'

Emma Partridge, Senior Reablement Officer